Through workforce incubators.

Workforce Incubators

We are transforming local classrooms into real-time workforce incubators by partnering with industry to deliver living curriculum that creates the future of relevancy in education.

Hayward Unified School District 

Workforce Incubator

Our workforce incubator in Hayward will house the full scope of our efforts in curriculum, teacher, student and employer services. As a result our students will develop innovative and intrapreneurial mindsets to better prepare them for the future economy.

Pilot Overview

• Industry Curriculum- Teacher Professional Development
• Student Classroom Support
• Work-based Learning

The ingredients of our workforce incubators.

Industry Partners

Our industry partners are the cornerstone of our delivery. We partner with them to develop curriculum, train teachers, engage classrooms and provide positions in their companies.


Teachers are the hubs for our workforce incubators, building direct relationships with our industry partners through training, coordinating classroom experiences and student employment opportunities


Students receive the full benefit of our workforce incubators. They receive direct engagement with industry partners in the classroom and have the opportunity to obtain positions with our industry partners.


The core of our work is working with industry partners to understand their business. We go through a series of processes with partners before we come to a mutual partnership to deliver an unprecedented educational experience.


We work with our industry partners to source content from their respective industries. We process this content to design curriculum with our educational partners to create relevant, responsive and real-time living curriculum for workforce incubation.


In partnership with industry and education, we provide professional development opportunities for our teachers to provide direct access to the fundamentals of industry demands.


We understand the value of direct engagement between students and industries. Which is why we intersect opportunities for industries to engage in the classroom with teachers trained, and curriculum content readily available.


We work with our industry partners to assemble work-based learning opportunities that amplify in-classroom learning. We collaborate and work with industry intermediaries to amplify their existing programs.


PilotCity provides direct services to transform your classroom into workforce incubators with the correct equipment, tools and resources to enable the success of your students and teachers’ delivery.

Set up your workforce incubator.

Step 1


Sign-up your classroom. We will assess and contact your school district to discover the feasibility of our services.

Step 2


Subscribe to our service. We will work with your school district on a pricing model that works best for you and your classroom.

Step 3


Experience living curriculum. We will begin working with the teacher and classroom to coordinate experiences with students.

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